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Hi! I’m the youth pastor, and I’m here to help!

Youth Lesson Podcast
Occasionally technical glitches hamper the effort but most middle & high school lessons taught on Wednesdays are available to listen online or download here. (new March 2017)

Youth Lesson Podcast Archive
This is where lessons from 2011 thru the beginning of 2017 can be found to stream or download. If downloading be sure you choose the correct button!

On-Site Release Form
This is the form we keep on file for use with events held on Northwood’s property. The file linked-to on the main page is the form we need for all other events.

Senior Intensive Review Notes
In April of 2019 we spent a day with our group of graduating seniors digging into things they have and will face in the world they are entering. This PDF entails what we discussed and includes links to multiple videos and other resources.

Souled Out Youth Facebook page
We post our pictures and videos from events & trips here as well as post upcoming event times, etc. If you don’t have a facebook account, they’re free!
This is a HUGE resource for getting answers to questions - even tough ones! I HIGHLY recommend bookmarking this page as a quick resource!

RightNow Media
This is a video resource that’s been called “the Netflix of Christian Bible Study Materials”. Northwood has a subscription that we can extend to anyone in our church including youth parents who don’t go to Northwood! Check it out & contact Rory if you’d like an invitation to create an account!

Age of Opportunity
This is a great resource for parenting teens and pre-teens by Paul Tripp. It very much mirrors the heart of youth ministry which is intended to come alongside parents for the discipleship of their kids. Check out the material with
video previews on YouTube!

Photo Archive Page
All our old photo pages are collected here for past members of the group (and the rest of us) to enjoy. Ah, nostalgia…

Souled Out Youth Vimeo Page
Similar to the photo archive our pre-facebook videos are found here for the same reason… posterity & nostalgia!

Northwood Community Church
The homepage for our church

Challenge Conference
This is the biennial EFCA youth conference we have been attending since 2006. It’s a great week of worship, challenging speakers, training, service/outreach, and fun!

EFCA Crisis Response
This is the ministry we served with in the summers of 2011 & 2015, plus during Challenge 2012. This practical outreach of the EFCA goes into the areas where people have been evacuated or wish they had been. Starting with helping New Orleans rebuild after Hurricane Katrina (which is STILL ongoing), these folks mobilize teams to serve & love people in crisis both nationally and globally.

Persecuted Church Information
This link is to a page loaded with links to organizations and information about our brothers and sisters in Christ who are facing mistreatment on a broad scale because they belong to Jesus