We realize people come from all different places and backgrounds. Some have a vague belief in God while others have opposing ideas, or, no concept of Him at all. The thing is, He's not a concept - He's REAL.

God is real and He's got a plan for YOUR life. The Bible says "plans to give you hope and a future". That hope isn't just about KNOWING what will happen to you when you die, it's also about strength to face and get through whatever you're dealing with right now! It's having someone that you can know is ALWAYS there even though you can't see Him. It's not all about feelings or being perfect. But it IS knowing that the God that made the universe made you and wants to keep making you if you'll only let Him. He wants to spend real time with YOU - if you'll make time for Him. We're sure there are lots of questions - THERE ARE ANSWERS! Some may take some finding, and some you may not like (such as mysteries God hasn't allowed a firm answer for), but there ARE answers.

Are you willing to get to know God? There is a cost, but it's already paid. We were all born into a life without God, but with sin (stuff that grieves God of which He won't take part). In order to KNOW HIM you need to turn your back on that stuff and ask Him to forgive you. See, we deserve to die for the sin we've done, but JESUS took that punishment for us when he died on the cross before rising again. When we turn our backs on sin and ask God to forgive us, we're asking Him to count us as one of the people in whose place Jesus died. THAT'S A TOTALLY FREE GIFT! Jesus taking the punishment we deserve so that we can know God and His love. We don't need to change for God to love us... we need to begin this relationship with Him...fall in love with Him... and He'll change what He wants to change to make you more and more like Him!

It's up to you. Do you need hope? Hope that there's someone to get you through another day? Hope that there's someone to help you make sense of life? Hope that you are guaranteed a place in heaven as one of God's people? If that's you, accept this gift now. Whether you've never prayed before, or, you've prayed all your life - if you've never accepted this gift, you've been missing it all. Pray & tell God that you're sorry for the things you've done. Ask Him to count Jesus' death as yours and to forgive you. Ask Him to make you new and to give you this hope. Know what?


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